About me

I’m a 21-year-old Cosmetology student.  Prior, I studied psychology, management, and political science.  Once I’m licensed I plan to move out Southwest and work as a ranger or as a guide in the Rocky Mountains. Fresh Air does the body good. If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m definitely a jack of all trades.

When I learned how easy it was to combat the number one force driving climate change it was a simple choice to become vegan. I have been vegan for about 2 years now.  Sometimes it can be difficult with all my dietary restrictions, but the same goes for anyone with as many off-limits food as I. You can find a list of all the 40+ foods I can’t eat and likely will not see much of on this blog (as well as why I created it) here.  Due to these restrictions my doctors recommended a whole food plant based vegan diet, so out with the processed foods, in with the home cooked meals.

If you have a lot of food allergies/sensitivities or know someone who does you’ve come to the right place, and if you don’t. . . you’re still in the right place!  It never hurts to cook meals that more people can enjoy.  Plus you learn tricks and tips that you may have never known otherwise!